Uniform Tax Rebate

Uniform Tax Rebate are the UK's largest tax refund company. They've obtained over 500,000 refunds to date for UK taxpayers. They have been trading since 2012 and have become the most trusted service it the marketplace, all of their websites are rated 5* Excellent for customer satisfaction on Trustpilot.
They have an advanced bespoke system for claim which means you can submit a claim directly from their website in less than 2 minutes.
The service is offered on a no-refund no-fee basis so you do not have to pay anything unless they are entitled to a refund.
Uniform Tax Rebate an extremely popular service and it's targeted at UK employees who wear a uniform at work. This market includes NHS and healthcare workers, policem officers, firefighters as well as any other group that wears uniform in line with HMRC's definition. This includes anyone who wears protective clothing such as hi-viz gear or even just a polo/t-shirt with the employer's logo on the outside.
Due to this broad definition of a uniform they estimate that around 1/3rd of the UK workforce could apply, roughly 13 million people.


Earn £2.50 Borcash when you make your tax rebate claim via Borpays.

Offer Requirements

In order to earn this reward, you must ensure the following terms and conditions are met. If they are not we will not be paid which means we cannot pay you.
This offer can be used if you are a new or existing member of Uniform Tax Rebate. You must use your correct details.
Whilst most of the time it takes 24 hours for this offer to change to pending, it could take up to 3 working days.
Once pending, it could take up to 60 days for your reward to become payable. However some rewards are paid out sooner than this, you will be notified as soon as your reward is available.
You must follow Uniform Tax Rebate Terms and Conditions to be eligible for this reward.
This offer will not be valid if another offer/discount code is used at checkout unless otherwise stated.

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